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Cmdr. Carmen Fisher

An Interview About Mental Health and the Military: Carmen Fisher

I felt like I was from another planet after re-joining the civilian world. I missed my Navy life and wanted to return every day.

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Michelle Williams

Destiny’s Child’s Michelle Williams on Depression

For me, depression felt like a slow crumble. I felt sad and deeply tired, and I could sleep through an entire week.

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Lauren Sogor

An Interview About Breastfeeding: Lauren Sogor

From the joys to the challenges, Lauren Sogor shares her experiences breastfeeding and offers her tips for pumping at work.

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Molly Mae Potter

An Interview with a Woman Veteran: Molly Mae Potter

From serving in a war zone to dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) to becoming Ms. Veteran America 2016, Molly Mae Potter shares her story.

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Dr. Keisha Downey

An Interview About Taking Care of Your Mental Health: Dr. Keisha Downey

In this interview, Dr. Keisha Downey shares her tips for staying mentally healthy, plus insights about when to get help.

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NWGHAAD Ambassador Shan Boodram

An Interview About HIV and AIDS Basics: Shan Boodram

Sex educator Shan Boodram talks about getting tested, steps you can take to protect yourself, how to share your status with a new partner, and more.

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Dr. Rita Redberg

An Interview About Heart Health: Drs. Dhruva and Redberg

Drs. Sanket Dhruva and Rita Redberg answer our top questions about heart disease and how to keep your heart in tip-top shape. Read the interview.

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An Interview About Getting Covered Through the Health Insurance Marketplace: Katie Hay

Moving to a new city, starting a family, and even launching a new career can bring up questions about health insurance coverage. Katie Hay was able to do all three with the support of the Affordable Care Act and Health Insurance Marketplace. Now a yoga therapist based in North Carolina, Katie Hay talks about her experience enrolling in a health insurance plan through the Marketplace and the positive impact her coverage has had on her family.

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Candace Marshall Humphrey

Losing Ethan

Candace Marshall Humphrey

Our beautiful baby boy was born at 24 weeks. When my doctor said that he was out, I held my breath, waiting and praying to hear him cry.

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A Survivor's Right to Reconstruction

Many breast cancer patients who are eligible for breast reconstruction after mastectomy aren't aware of their rights and care options.

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