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My breastfeeding story

Learn about breastfeeding from other moms in these inspiring personal stories.

Below, watch videos about breastfeeding and learn from other breastfeeding moms.



Jasmine and her daughter
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Jasmine chose to breastfeed to build a close bond with her kids from the beginning. Learn how she kept up with it when she went back to work.


Brandi and her daughter
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Single mom Brandi describes breastfeeding benefits and eases common concerns among first-time mothers.


Tiffany and her daughter
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From her lactation consultant to her mother, having a strong support system has helped Tiffany make a smooth transition into breastfeeding her 11-day-old baby.


Chelisa, her son, and her mother Musette
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Find out Chelisa’s top reasons for breastfeeding and how she set her goals.

A dad’s perspective on breastfeeding

Odie, wife Monica, and children Noah and Abigail
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Supportive dads can make a big difference in a mother’s breastfeeding experience. Odie and Monica share their journey together.