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If you are sexually active

If you are sexually active

Becoming a mother might be the last thing on your mind right now. But you should set some goals about having (or not having) children — especially if you are sexually active. This is called a reproductive life plan, and it also involves knowing what actions you will take to support your goals. Your personal values and beliefs will help you make your plan. See some examples below.

Picture of a woman smiling"I'm not ready to have children now. I will make sure I don't get pregnant by not having sex or using birth control correctly every time I have sex."

Picture of a woman smiling"I will wait to start having sex until after I'm married. I won't get pregnant until that time. Once I'm married, my husband and I will decide together when it's the right time for us to start a family."

Picture of a woman smiling"I would like to have two children, at least two years apart in age. I also have diabetes. I will meet with my doctor now to discuss my preconception health. I will start trying to get pregnant as soon as I'm healthy. I will use birth control after my first baby to make sure I don't get pregnant again before I am ready."

Picture of a woman "I want to finish school and be financially secure before starting a family. My husband and I will use an effective birth control all the time until we have met our goals and are ready to start a family."

Picture of a woman smiling"I will let pregnancy happen whenever it happens. Because I don't know when that time will be, I'll make sure that my body is healthy and ready for pregnancy at all times."