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National Women's Health Week

May 12-18, 2024

National Women’s Health Week Resources

National Women’s Health Week Resources

National Women’s Health Week Resources and Toolkit

Our NWHW toolkit is your go-to resource for shining a light on women’s health and learning about maternal mental health, sexual health, self-advocacy, reproductive health, and heart health.

Designed with the women’s health community in mind, all materials are free, copyright-free, and ready to be shared with your audiences and across your platforms. They are easily downloadable and shareable and can be personalized to fit your messaging needs.

How to Use the Toolkit

  • Explore the resources and identify what best suits your needs in supporting your work and your community.
  • Download the 2024 NWHW resources and share them with your network.
  • Share our content on your social media accounts using the hashtag #NWHW.

Resources in the Toolkit

Click the links below to access all our toolkit materials and share them across your platforms in a way that meets the needs of the communities you serve!

  • Social Media Shareables

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    To help spread the NWHW messaging, OWH has developed a collection of ready-to-use social media posts, graphics, and stickers.

  • Videos

    Shareable Videos

    OWH has developed a set of videos for NWHW aimed at empowering women with knowledge and dispelling stigma around women’s health issues.

  • Fact Sheets

    Fact Sheets

    OWH has developed a set of educational fact sheets for NWHW to empower women with knowledge and tools to take charge of their health.