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Logo for National Women's Blood Pressure Awareness Week

National Women's Blood Pressure Awareness Week: Toolkit and Resources

National Women's Blood Pressure Awareness Week: Toolkit and Resources

Join the celebration of National Women's Blood Pressure Awareness Week! Use these tools to help spread the word.

Surgeon General’s Call to Action on Hypertension

Download (PDF - 2MB)

Sample Social Media Messages

Sample Social Media Messages

  • Get ready for National Women’s Blood Pressure Awareness Week! Click here for ideas, messages, graphics, events +more to help you recognize the week: #NWBPAW
  • #HealthyHearts are important for #HealthyCommunities! Join us during #NWBPAW October 16-22 for a week focused on improving heart health for women: #NWBPAW
  • Every minute in America, a woman dies of a heart attack, stroke or another form of cardiovascular disease. Many of these are preventable. #NWBPAW
  • In 2020, #heartdisease was the cause of death for 314,186 women. Join us during #NWBPAW as we talk about what we can do in our communities to change this.
  • Join @womenshealth on October 19 at 12 PM EST for the National Women’s Blood Pressure Awareness Week Summit: Hypertension Innovation for Healthier Communities to learn about innovative practices in hypertension care. #NWBPAW Register here
  • Do you know what your blood pressure reading means? Click here to learn how to read your blood pressure numbers. #NWBPAW
  • Heart healthy eating is great way to lower your risk of #heartdisease and #stroke. Click here for tips on foods you should increase & foods to limit in your eating routine: #NWBPAW
  • DYK? You don’t always have to go to your provider’s office to have your #bloodpressure checked! You can measure it at home. Click here to learn more about self-measured blood pressure or #SMBP: #NWBPAW
  • DYK? A lot of things you do every day count as physical activity. Gardening & cleaning the house are great ways to stay #active and healthy. Get some other ideas here: #NWBPAW #MoveYourWay
  • During normal sleep, your blood pressure tends to decrease. Having sleep problems means your blood pressure stays higher for a longer amount of time. Check out these tips for better sleep and #hearthealth:
  • High blood pressure occurs in in every 12 pregnancies among women ages 20-44. Here’s what you can do to manage high blood pressure before, during and after #pregnancy. #NWBPAW #MaternalHealth
  • While dealing with life and unexpected situations, it’s easy to overlook the signs of #stress. Check out these 14 signs & things you can do for good #stressmanagement: #NWBPAW
  • Physical activity is important for #hearthealth but sometimes the days just doesn’t seem to end. Watch this video for ways to get & stay active on your busy days. #NWBPAW

Promotional Videos

NWBPAW Promotional Videos

Hypertension Innovation for Healthier Communities

Get ready to attend our NWBPAW Hypertension Summit by checking out this short video! We look forward to seeing you at the summit.

Promotional Graphics

NWBPAW Promotional Graphics

Advertisement for the event Bridging Disparities in the Rates of Hypertension

Advertisement for the bootcamp BP Bootcamp: A Crash Course in Knowing Your Numbers

To view and download all of the National Women’s Blood Pressure Awareness Week graphics, visit the OWH NWBPAW Page on Pinterest.

Thank you for celebrating NWBPAW!!



Wednesday, October 19, 2022 Time: 12:00 PM ET

National Women’s Blood Pressure Awareness Week Summit:
Hypertension Innovation for Healthier Communities

Join us for a summit highlighting advancements in technology that improve hypertension care. Attendants will learn more about current innovative practices to enhance the prevention and management of hypertension care in community settings.

Advertisement for the Hypertension Summit, October 19, 2022

Watch the Hypertension Summit Replay here:


OWH Heart Health Resources

OWH Heart Health Resources

For most women, high blood pressure can be controlled through lifestyle changes such as reducing salt intake, increasing physical activity, and managing stress in healthy ways. Your health care provider and local health department may have resources to help you develop your personalized plan to lower and maintain a healthy blood pressure. We also have tips to help you on your journey to a healthier heart!

SMBP Program

OWH Self-Measured Blood Pressure Program (SMBP)

Logo for the OWH Self-Measured Blood Pressure Program

The HHS Office on Women’s Health (OWH) Self-Measured Blood Pressure (SMBP) Program is a network of public and private organizations focused on heart health with an emphasis on self-measured (self-monitored) blood pressure control. The collaborations work to increase knowledge about hypertension and cardiovascular disease, expand access to SMBP resources, and encourage organizations to address heart health disparities, prevent hypertension, promote healthy blood pressures, and improve health equity on a community level.

For more information, visit the SMBP Program.