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Barriers to care for HIV

Barriers to care for HIV

Early treatment with HIV medicine can help keep you healthy and prevent HIV from progressing into AIDS. It can also help prevent spreading HIV to others. Some women face barriers to health care, but programs are available to help.

Some people living with HIV may have less access to or lower use of health care resources than others living with HIV. This may be due to:

  • Fewer financial resources
  • Fewer health care resources available in the area
  • Worry about violent reactions from partners, for women in abusive relationships
  • Less access to transportation
  • Lack of housing. Homeless women have less access to care. They may not be able to stick with care routines because of irregular meals or not having proper places to store medicines.
  • Lack of emotional or physical support
  • Added responsibility of caring for others, especially children, that can make it difficult to care for themselves and take their medicines
  • Fear of telling their family about their HIV

Many resources and programs are available to help women access care for HIV or AIDS.