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National Women's Health Week

May 9–15, 2021

Ideas for celebrating NWHW

Interested in participating in National Women's Health Week but not sure how? We have a list of ideas to get you started!

Get involved online!

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we interact and focus on our health but we can still find creative ways to stay healthy and safe.

Stay healthy during your free time!

  • Use free online videos or apps to exercise at home.
  • Start a health diary to document your health journey.
  • Cook a healthy meal or snack! If you need inspiration, check out these recipes.
  • Drink water instead of soda and sugary drinks.
  • Turn on your favorite music and dance.
  • Take a walk outside,
  • Share what you do with us by using #NWHW. 

Working from home?

  • Set a timer to remind yourself to stand up and walk around regularly during the day.
  • Connect with co-workers to share your favorite books, travel locations or things you do to focus on your health.
  • Start a friendly virtual competition with coworkers. Track your steps, water intake, or other healthy activities.
  • Invite a local fitness instructor to teach a free fitness class online.
  • Take a walk during breaks and conference calls.
  • Share your activities with us by using #NWHW 

Are you an employer or a public health professional?

  • Incorporate breaks for standing, stretching or taking a walk into the workday.
  • Organize a virtual healthy cooking class or fitness activity.
  • Host a team activity such as a game or trivia.
  • Share your activities with us using #NWHW.