An Interview About Pumping at Work: Rebecca Flores

Breastfeeding mothers need support from employers to continue breastfeeding after returning to work. Pumping at work allows moms to give their best to their baby without jeopardizing their jobs. Businesses benefit, too: Breastfed babies are healthier, meaning lower health care costs for employers and fewer days out for moms. Allowing pumping at work also decreases turnover rates and increases employee productivity and loyalty.

An Interview About Being With Someone Through Depression: Anne Wheaton

Studies have found that depression is more common in women than men. But we don't know whether depression is really less common in men. It may be that men experience depression differently than women and are less likely to recognize and seek help for depression. Men are more likely to feel empty, physically tired, and uninterested in things they used to enjoy. They also may become frustrated, irritable, discouraged, and angry. Because these symptoms are not what we commonly think of as “depression,” men may not always get help when they need it. 

An Interview About Caregiving: Judith Henry

Many Americans have and will take on roles as caregivers for an aging loved one with declining health. In this role, they're often doing the job of a professional caregiver, but they don't get paid and they're juggling a million other things. Most often, these caregivers are adult children caring for an elderly parent. If you've ever been a caregiver for an aging parent or friend, you know that it's a big responsibility — and often a stressful one. Add that to the demands of the holiday season, and things can become downright overwhelming.

An Interview About Breast Cancer: Amy Robach

Good Morning America's Amy Robach got the shock of her life in November 2013 when she was diagnosed as one of the 1-in-8 women in America who will be affected by breast cancer in their lifetimes. She has confronted her diagnosis of breast cancer by speaking out in support of others facing the disease.

Good Morning America's Amy Robach got the shock of her life last fall. Read about how a mammogram on live TV saved Amy's life.

An Interview With a Woman Living With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Lindsey McGrath

Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), also known as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), is a complex chronic condition that causes a range of symptoms that vary from person to person. Some people may experience symptoms that make it hard to do the daily tasks that most of us do without thinking, like dressing, bathing, or eating. Here to tell us about her experience living with ME/CFS is Lindsey McGrath. While the name of this disorder — chronic fatigue syndrome — focuses on tiredness, you'll learn there are many other symptoms affecting Lindsey's daily life.

An Interview With a Breastfeeding Mom: Lily Clay

Here's the deal with breastfeeding: It offers some great benefits for you and your baby, but it's also a big commitment. Choosing to breastfeed is a personal decision, and for first-time mom Lily Clay, breastfeeding was the right decision for her and her baby. In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month, we talked with Lily about choosing to breastfeed and the challenges she's faced. She also offers her tips for success.