What Women Say About Migraine

What's a migraine headache like? Migraine headaches affect more women than men, and each woman who lives with this medical condition likely has a different answer to that question. Though they are not usually a threat to your overall health, migraine attacks can greatly affect your day-to-day life.

OWH News: ADM Giroir Welcomes New OWH Director

ADM Brett P. Giroir, M.D., HHS Assistant Secretary for Health, welcomes Dr. Dorothy Fink as the new Deputy Assistant Secretary for Women’s Health and Director of the Office on Women’s Health. Dr. Fink brings extensive experience treating women’s health issues to the Office on Women’s Health. She is board certified in endocrinology, internal medicine, and pediatrics and is recognized as a physician leader on diabetes, nutrition, and bone health.

OWH Resolutions: Where Are They Now?

Did you make a New Year’s resolution in 2018? If so, how’d it go? Did you meet your goal, or do you have more work to do? Reflecting on your progress may bring on a range of emotions. Whether you’re feeling proud or discouraged, that’s OK. Sometimes we accomplish our goals the first time, and sometimes it takes longer than we expect. The key is to stick with it! Just ask my colleagues. Last year around this time, I asked some of them to share their plans for improving their health and well-being in 2018.

Healthy Cooking Tips Around the Holidays

The holidays often bring delicious meals and treats, and it can be tough to eat healthy with so much good food around. Rather than skipping or cutting out your favorite dishes, why not try making a few small changes to your recipes to cook up healthier versions? We talked to Anjali Shah, a food blogger who runs The Picky Eater. She wants to make healthy eating easy and fun. See her ideas and simple tricks for healthier cooking this holiday season.

Bring Your Brave

I was sitting next to her as she told her story of being diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer at the age of 27. It wasn't the first time that I had heard a young woman talk through diagnosis and treatment of aggressive breast cancer, but I had to fight back tears while listening to Charity speak. Our entire video production team was struggling not to cry. What was it about her situation that captured all of us?

An Interview About Suicide Prevention

Content warning: Suicide

Suicide is a serious problem, and the rate of suicide among women is on the rise. People who consider suicide often feel like there is no hope, and they may often feel trapped or alone. We spoke with Dr. Danielle Johnson, Chief of Adult Psychiatry and Director of the Women’s Mental Health Program at Lindner Center of HOPE, to discuss suicide and what women should do if they’re having suicidal thoughts. She also talks about risk factors, warning signs, and how to support loved ones.