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Immunizations and screenings

Many people think that vaccines or "immunizations" are just for kids. But adults need them, too, to prevent certain diseases. You also need to get regular tests or "screenings," such as a Pap test or blood pressure test. The screening tests you need are based on your age and risk factors. Screening tests can help you prevent certain health problems. Or, they can catch problems early, when they are more easily treated. You can find out about the checkups and screenings you might need in our Screening tests and vaccines section. It has easy-to-read screening test charts that tell you what tests to get and when. These charts will help you learn about your personal, family, and lifestyle risks. Then you'll know what kinds of health questions to ask your doctor.

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More information on Immunizations and screenings

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  • Screening Tests For Women - This online resource provides general guidelines for when to get regular checkups and screening tests. These are among the most important things you can do for yourself. Take time to review and print these guidelines for your next visit to your doctor or nurse.

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  • Cancer Screening and Prevention - Healthfinder.gov offers basic information and tools on several different types of cancer. Find out what steps you can take to promote healthy living.
  • How Vaccines Prevent Disease - This website provides information about scheduled screenings and guidelines, answers to frequently asked questions, and publications on the latest research.
  • Immunizations: Publications and Materials - This Internet site provides a listing of publications and materials related to immunizations.
  • Important Screening Tests - This resource discusses screenings and preventative actions that could help lower your risk of health concerns including loss of vision and hearing, high cholesterol, and sexually transmitted infections.
  • Vaccines & Immunizations: For Specific Groups of People - This resource provides links to information on vaccines and immunizations prepared for groups of certain ages and racial backgrounds.
  • Your Child's Immunizations (Copyright © The Nemours Foundation) - This publication provides information on when and why your child should receive some common vaccines, when a vaccine should be delayed, what the possible risks are, how to care for your child after he or she receives the vaccine, and when to call your doctor.

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Content last updated: May 18, 2010.

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