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Finding and paying for a doctor

Part of good health involves seeing a doctor or other health care provider regularly. You might think that you only need to go when you're sick. But the doctor also helps keep you well. Your doctor or nurse checks for common health problems. He or she also looks for health problems you are at risk for. Your doctor will help you find ways to improve your health. He or she can tell you about healthy foods. You can talk to him or her about getting physically active.

Sometimes people don't get care because they don't have a doctor or health insurance. But these things don't have to be roadblocks. There are online resources that can help, such as those listed in this section. You can enter your zip code and get a list of doctors in your area. If you have health insurance, the company has a list of doctors in their plan. There are also places that will help you even if you don't have insurance. You can still get care at a community health center. In fact, there are federally-funded centers that can help with many health needs. This includes dental and mental health care, prescription drugs, and vaccines. These clinics have what is called a "sliding" fee scale. This means that they will only charge you what you can afford.

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Content last updated: July 16, 2012.

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