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Top health concerns for men

Below are the leading causes of death for men in the United States. Click on each to learn more about that problem and ways to prevent it. Generally, a healthy lifestyle, routine doctor visits, and preventive screenings are the best ways to protect your health. And remember that your mental health can support your physical health, so find healthy ways to relax and handle stress.

Leading causes of death for males – All races *
1Heart disease26.3
3Accidents (unintentional injuries)6.6
4Chronic lower respiratory diseases4.9
8Influenza and pneumonia2.1
9Kidney disease1.8
10Alzheimer's disease1.8

Source: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

* The above ranking is for all races and ages combined. Different races have different rankings. For example, homicide is the fourth highest cause of death for black men and HIV/AIDS is the seventh, neither of which is in the top ten for all races. For Hispanic men, homicide is sixth, followed by chronic liver disease. Learn more about the health concerns for men of different racial and ethnic groups.

Content last updated: January 10, 2011.

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