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Planning ahead

From choosing the crib to finding a pediatrician, you're probably busy making lots of pre-baby decisions. But have you thought about breastfeeding? Pregnancy is the best time to learn about the benefits of breastfeeding and make plans to give your baby a healthy start in life.

Making the decision to breastfeed

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Moms explain why breastfeeding was such a natural choice.

Secrets to breastfeeding success

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Need some nursing know-how? These steps and strategies will help soon-to-be-moms make an informed, smooth transition into breastfeeding.

The benefits of breastfeeding

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Learn the unique ways that breast milk can impact your child's health and reduce the risks of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), asthma, obesity, and other health conditions.

Breastfeeding 411

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There are many great resources, people, and places to turn to for breastfeeding support and information. Find out what worked for other breastfeeding moms.

What breastfeeding means to me

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Moms share what's behind the one-of-a-kind bond that breastfeeding brings.

Staying healthy and eating well

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Healthy eating can keep you strong while breastfeeding. Learn more about the foods you should eat.

Breastfeeding and baby basics

Ready for some Newborn 101? Learn how breastfeeding really works for moms and babies.

Making breastfeeding work for you

You've decided to breastfeed. Great! Now what? Create a game plan to make breastfeeding work for you.

Content last updated: January 29, 2013.

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