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Mouth problems

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Mouth problems are common in people with HIV. Although they usually are minor compared to other HIV-related health problems, they can be painful, annoying, and cause embarrassment. Mouth problems also can make eating hard. Here are some mouth problems that commonly affect people with HIV:

  • Canker sores and ulcers – Red sores on roof of mouth, tongue, inside cheeks and lips, or outside the lips.
  • Hairy leukoplakia (loo-koh-PLAY-kee-uh) – White, hairlike growths that usually appear on the side of the tongue or sometimes inside the cheeks and lower lip.
  • Thrush – White, creamy or bumpy patches appearing anywhere in the mouth.
  • Warts – Small bumps that look like cauliflower that appear on the inside of your lips or other parts of the mouth.

The most common mouth problems linked with HIV can be treated. So talk to your doctor if you notice any symptoms. See a dentist who has experience treating HIV-positive patients. With treatment, your mouth can feel better.

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Content last updated: July 01, 2011.

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