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Healthy recipes

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You really can eat healthy foods that taste great! The additional resources in this section contain yummy recipes that have:

Get healthy with recipes that are full of flavor!

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More information on healthy recipes

Explore other publications and websites

  • Delicious Decisions (Copyright © American Heart Association) — Search this database of recipes that are good for your heart! This website also provides information to help you make heart-healthy choices when eating out and at the supermarket.
  • Delicious Heart-Healthy Latino Recipes (PDF) — This pamphlet has traditional Latino recipes that have less sodium and fat and are also good for your heart. Recipes are in English and Spanish.
  • Heart Healthy Home Cooking African American Style> — Prepare your favorite African-American dishes in ways that protect you and your family from heart disease and stroke. These recipes will show you how to cut back on saturated fat, cholesterol, and salt, and still have great-tasting food. Delicious foods from spicy southern barbecued chicken to sweet potato pie are included.
  • Recipe Finder — This site allows you to search for healthy and affordable recipes. Each recipe includes nutritional information, ingredients, instructions, and cost per recipe and per serving.
  • Stay Young at Heart — Cooking the Heart-Healthy Way — Banana-nut bread? Barbecue chicken? Beef stroganoff? Pumpkin pie? Sound too good to be good for you? The recipes in this packet will convince you that healthy dishes can also be delicious. Each recipe also lists total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, sodium, and calories per serving.
  • Take Time to Care Materials on Diabetes — This website features materials on diabetes including alert cards, brochures, and recipes in English and Spanish.
  • When Delicious Meets Nutritious: Recipes for Heart Health (PDF) — The recipes in this fact sheet show you don't have to lose flavor to gain health. It helps you cook dishes that are low in saturated fat, total fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Try mouthwatering dishes such as Mediterranean Kabobs and Edamame Stew.

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Content last updated: June 17, 2008.

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