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Breastfeeding Support: Industry Solutions
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In the wholesale industry, women work in a variety of work settings, including office stations, warehouses, and even outdoor settings as distribution drivers. Options for supporting nursing women should focus on the number of women ages 18-45 who work for the company, work stations for these women, and space options.

For indoor office settings, nursing women can be supported using permanent or flexible space solutions for milk expression. Permanent space can be created by converting office space, storage areas, or multi-user spaces. Flexible areas can include sharing space with an office, conference room, or break area. In a warehouse with no private areas, space can be created using a pop-up tent or portable lactation station. Space can be built using shelving units encased with plywood. A flexible screened area can also be used to create space.

Nursing women who work as drivers can consider using the cab of their vehicle with privacy visors. Employers can also make arrangements with other businesses along the driving routes that may have lactation space available. This could include hotels, government buildings, or faith-based organizations.

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  • An available office area could provide permanent space for milk expression. The space should be large enough for a chair and a flat surface for the breast pump and supplies.

    dedicated space
  • Women working in an office area can consider expressing milk in available office spaces of co-workers or supervisors.

    co-worker's office
  • A clean closet or storage area can double as a flexible, private space for expressing milk.

    storage area
  • A conference or meeting room can be shared with nursing mothers as long as scheduling arrangements are mutually beneficial.

    conference room
  • An employee break room can be used for milk expression as long as signage is provided to respect the woman's privacy and scheduling is mutually beneficial for employees.

    employee break room
  • A simple plywood screen was constructed in the corner of a large warehouse area in one company to create privacy for milk expression. Colorful posters decorate the plywood.

    decorated plywood screen
  • A lightweight mobile tent could be used for privacy in one area of a warehouse. The tent pops up and folds down easily. A folding chair will need to be provided.

    foldable mobile tent
  • A new portable restroom can be retrofitted by removing the toilet. A larger unit designed for the disabled will provide more space. A chair and a flat surface for the breast pump complete the accommodation.

    retrofitted portable restroom
  • An employee who works as a distribution driver could use the cab of the company vehicle to express milk as long as weather conditions permit. Windshield visors help keep the car cool and provide privacy.

    company car
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Space Solutions

  • Permanent spaces
    • Small office area
    • Converted closet or storage area
    • Enclosed area of unused space
    • Space built within a warehouse using metal shelving and plywood
  • Flexible space
    • Conference room
    • Office of employee, manager, or supervisor
    • Employee break area
    • Pop-up tent placed within a warehouse
    • Portable lactation station placed within a warehouse
  • Mobile options
    • Employee's personal vehicle or cab of company equipment vehicle (if weather conditions permit and privacy can be assured)
    • Shared space with nearby businesses

Time Solutions

  • Employees take usual break and meal periods to express milk
  • Staff provide coverage as needed

Other Solutions

  • Child care provider brings the baby to the employee for feedings (depending on the work setting)
  • Employee goes home or to the child care provider to feed the baby
  • Employee stores her milk in a personal cooler or insulated lunch bag

Business Examples

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