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Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

Office areas are typical settings for women working in the professional and scientific industry. Larger companies may need permanent, dedicated milk expression rooms. More flexible options may work where there are fewer nursing women. Many professional and scientific companies have multiple buildings on the campus. They may need milk expression spaces in every building or in centralized locations within a 5-minute walk. This will help reduce the travel time needed during breaks. Including employee lactation space as part of new construction can help assure appropriate space for the future.

Feature Slides

  • Video: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center manages an extensive lactation program across their large campus using "super moms" as resources for new mothers.

  • A small veterinary clinic included lactation space in the building plans for the clinic. The milk expression space is in a quiet area upstairs. A small screen provides additional privacy.

  • One technical firm provides a multi-user space within a larger former storage room. Partition dividers create privacy for each user.

  • Employees can hang photos of their nursing infants on a cubicle board outside the milk expression suite.

  • A standard office area serves as a designated single-user milk expression space.

  • The NASA Goddard Space Flight Center provides a lactation room in 17 of their 50 buildings on campus. Rooms include an industrial strength electric breast pump that employees share. Employees use their own pump attachment kit.

  • NASA designates "super moms" in each of their buildings who have previously used the support services for nursing women. These "super moms" are a resource for pregnant and new nursing mothers. They also provide oversight in their building to assure that the rooms are clean and well maintained.

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Space Solutions

  • Permanent space
    • Small office area
    • Wall or partitions added in existing space
    • Converted closet or storage area
    • Enclosed area of unused space
    • Cubicle lactation area created with tall cubicle partitions that provide privacy
  • Flexible space options
    • Conference room
    • Employee's office
    • Office of a manager, supervisor, or colleague

Time Solutions

  • Employees use usual break and meal periods to express milk
  • Employees schedule milk expression breaks around meetings and consultations with clients
  • Staff provide coverage as needed
  • Coverage may not be needed

Other Solutions

  • Telework
  • On-site child care
  • Child care provider brings the baby to the employee for feedings
  • Employee goes home or to the child care provider to feed the baby
  • Employer arranges for the baby to remain with the employee at work
  • Employee stores her milk in a personal cooler or insulated lunch bag

Business Examples

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