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Baby Is at Work Full-time

A growing number of businesses make arrangements for women to care for their young infant at work with them full-time in their work space. This may be a workable solution for women in appropriate work environments such as small retail stores, restaurants, or office settings. It may not be feasible for certain types of industries such as manufacturing or hospital care. Most businesses set a limit of 6 to 12 months, or until the baby becomes active.

Mothers with a baby at work may need privacy for direct breastfeeding and an area to care for the baby. Clear communication between the supervisor, employee, and co-workers is critical. Many businesses find full-time babies at work to be an important part of a family-friendly platform.

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  • Some small retail or office settings allow women to keep their babies at work throughout the work period. Babies are often held in a sling or carrier so that employees can continue to work.

  • In one restaurant, babies at work are welcomed, not only by restaurant management, but also customers.

  • A mother's room allows the employee to feed her baby or express milk in privacy. A diaper changing area helps her care for her baby's needs at work.

  • One company sets aside an office as a "baby at work" zone. The office is centrally located with a door that locks for privacy. A corner provides space for a play area or a small portable crib. The office is rotated among employees who bring their babies to work.

  • Many companies report that co-workers are supportive of family-friendly policies that allow babies at work. Co-workers often offer to assist when a baby needs to be held for a few minutes while an employee takes a call.

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Content last updated August 04, 2014.

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