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Program leaders success stories

Read about the experiences of BodyWorks program leaders, and share your own success story by emailing bodyworks@hagersharp.com.


“As an instructor, it's exciting to see families take the information they acquire in BodyWorks and actually apply it to their lives. Parents have the opportunity to explore healthier choices for their families and learn how to implement those choices to develop a healthy lifestyle. BodyWorks helps parents and children find the motivation they need to make important health-related choices.”

Kent, WA


“I had great success last spring with a family that participated through one of our middle schools. Mom, dad, and the teen participated in the program for 8 weeks. Their son learned about healthy snacks after school and, at the end of the 8 weeks, he lost 15 pounds. Six months later, he had kept up with the increased physical activity and lost a total of 40 pounds since learning about making better food and drink choices in the Body Works program.

Making small, sustainable changes really does matter! This family continues to be involved with physical activity and they are always trying to make healthy food choices, too!”

Lincoln, NE


“Knowing that nutrition and physical activity go hand-in-hand, I was looking for credible, hands-on tools to make nutrition easier to understand and for something that I could offer to the community and members at my gym. Through Web surfing and seminars, I came across BodyWorks. It was just what I needed to help women improve their eating and activity habits, and, because it's from the Office on Women's Health, I knew it was a credible program. It shares my vision of improving the health of women and young girls. BodyWorks has been the perfect tool to educate the community about nutrition.”

Vicksburg, MI


“My favorite thing about implementing BodyWorks with parents/caregivers and adolescents is the joy I get from seeing them learn as a family. It is highly important that everyone in the family be involved in learning how to lead a healthy lifestyle, so that they can encourage each other and be an example to one another, especially when times get hard and motivation levels are low.”

Hernando, MI

Content last updated: February 12, 2013.

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