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Parents and caregivers success stories

Below is a sample of the success stories we have heard from parents and caregivers who participated in BodyWorks. If the families in your programs have success stories to share, please send them to bodyworks@hagersharp.com.

"My daughters and I attended the BodyWorks program and learned so much. They are now a few years older but we still talk about our "colorful plates,” and look at the nutritional information label on our foods to decide if we want to eat something and how much to consume (serving sizes). I feel that these are now habits that have been formed with my girls. I feel they don't worry about "dieting" but they are interested in consuming fewer calories but still enjoying the things they love to eat. Thanks Bodyworks!"

St. Amant, LA

"I would like to thank you for your program. I brought my 13-year-old daughter to it a couple of years ago when she was 30-40 pounds overweight. At the time I didn't think she paid any attention. However, the following year, she radically changed her eating habits (without ever saying much about it to me). Slowly and intentionally she lost 40 pounds. She did this in a healthy fashion and has kept it off."

Bellevue, WA

"Doing this class with a parent is highly important because the child is there to see the parent's ‘aha moments' and vice versa. It gave us common information to discuss at home and allowed us to talk about healthy habits in the same terms. I got better information for myself, let alone my family.  My daughter now understands what I've been trying to get her to understand all along.  She now monitors her food choices and has gotten into volleyball and track. BodyWorks set the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy living.  My daughter gets it now. It is time so well spent investing in your own and your child's life, and it pays back tenfold."

Seattle, WA

Content last updated: February 11, 2013.

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