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Become a program leader

BodyWorks program leaders come from a variety of backgrounds: health educators, doctors, community or faith-based leaders, schools nurses, graduate students, work-site wellness program coordinators, promotoras, and many, many others. Experience facilitating groups and a commitment to improving the health of families in your community are the most important requirements.

To make BodyWorks more available to parents and caregivers in all communities, OWH no longer requires that you attend a program leader training, but you will need the BodyWorks curriculum. The curriculum has clearly outlined objectives, lesson plans, discussion guides, and more to make BodyWorks a program that can be self-taught.

Email bodyworks@hagersharp.com for a link to download the curriculum and more information to help you get started. If you would like to be formally trained, let us know, and we will identify whether there are program leaders near you whom you can contact to ask about upcoming trainings.

If you have questions once you begin and would like to talk with an experienced program leader, please contact a Regional BodyWorks Advisor near you.

Learn more about becoming a program leader:

Content last updated: February 12, 2013.

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