New Year's Resolution: Appreciating Last Year's Achievements!

Valerie BordenIt's that time of year when many of us make resolutions to improve our health by eating healthier and exercising more. Or we make resolutions to take care of our mental health by spending more time with friends, taking up a new hobby, or putting a new, fresh focus into our work.

But it can be difficult to incorporate new habits into an already overextended life, with work demands, harrowing commutes, busy families, hobbies (hopefully!), volunteer activities, and the curse of constant connectivity. So I like to think of January as a time to review my accomplishments from the previous year, focusing on what I achieved instead of what I did not.

When I look back on 2013, I see that I accomplished more than I realized at the time — and that feels really good. After 35 years of running (an accomplishment in itself!), I finally decided to tackle the thing I'd avoided most: working on flexibility. This year, I took up hot yoga instead of just stretching after a run. I continue to see improvements in my flexibility and my body moves in ways I never knew were possible!

I also took more time to appreciate the everyday beauty in the world. I made a point to notice the sunset on the drive home from work with my carpool mates — some of them were stunning!

I encourage you to celebrate 2013: Write down your achievements, put them on your fridge, and give yourself a gold star! You'll be amazed at what you see! This can also help you lay the foundation for your 2014 goals. I am confident that the things I did this past year will help me achieve a healthier and happier mind, body, and spirit. I wish this for you as well.