One Woman's Story: Finding Affordable Health Coverage

Woman triumphantly smilingDo you plan for the unexpected? I do — with health insurance. What's great about health insurance is that it not only gives you access to routine care, but it serves as a safety net, protecting you from high, unforeseen medical costs if you get sick or hurt.

That's why Stefania Fochi was relieved to learn she could find affordable, quality coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

For Stefania, living without insurance for four years was particularly stressful. She works with heavy machinery every day at her family's empanada and pasta business. Having almost caught her hand in a 2,000-pound kneader, she's had to ask herself — more than once — "If I had to go to the emergency room, what would I do?"

Stefania shared her story about finding coverage to stress the importance of health insurance, no matter your age. She wants others to have the same peace of mind she now has, thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

I encourage you to read our full interview with Stefania. She talks about how it felt to go from being "uninsurable" to finding coverage that meets her needs and budget. The Affordable Care Act helped her stop worrying about the cost of health care and allowed her to focus on what matters to her — building an empanada empire.

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