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Uterine Fibroids: Finding Answers

Elizabeth (Ebbie) Stewart

With uterine fibroids being so common, why don't we know more about treatment options and what treatments will work best for different women?

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Postpartum Depression Is My Truth

Danni Starr

I had something that nearly sucked the life out of me. After we got home from the hospital, I rarely got off of the couch for 30 days.

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Tools to Promote Gender Responsiveness in HIV Prevention Programs for Women and Girls

Dr. Nancy C. Lee, Dr. Richard Wolitski

Gender-related issues are a driver of the HIV epidemic among women and girls. That's why we developed the HIV Prevention Toolkit: A Gender-Responsive Approach.

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Ladies, Let's Change Tomorrow

Dr. Nancy C. Lee

Together — as women — we can help build each other up! Join the #StateofWomen movement today to help change tomorrow. Find out how you can get involved.

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Taking Care of Your Health — and Your Baby's

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Moms have a lot on their plate, but with the Affordable Care Act and Text4baby, we can help make their health care a little easier.

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Endometriosis: 23 Years of Searching for Answers

Padma Lakshmi

I saw so many doctors, yet I was repeatedly told that nothing was wrong. It wasn't until I was 36, 23 years after my symptoms began, that I finally got answers.

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Sexual Assault Can Happen in Relationships, Too

FUTURES Without Violence, La Clinica del Pueblo

We often equate relationships with consent — leading to the misconception that sexual abuse cannot happen in marriages. This is far from the truth.

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What Your Gynecologist Wants You to Know

Dr. Nancy C. Lee

Does the thought of going to the gyno make you wince? With a little planning, your visit can be a powerful part of your overall health plan.

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You Can Help Prevent Sexual Assault!

Anitra Edwards

"It's not rape if we're in a relationship." False! Learn more about sexual assault and signs of unhealthy relationships.

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Tips for Pregnant Women to Prevent Zika Virus Infection

Denise J. Jamieson

Zika may sound scary, but there are some basic steps pregnant women can take to protect themselves.

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