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Celebrating 30 Years of Progress in Women's Health

Dr. Nancy C. Lee

Your health isn't just important to you — it's important to us, too. For the past 30 years, the HHS Coordinating Committee on Women's Health (CCWH) has been leading the charge to help women and girls achieve the best possible health.

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Corinna Dan

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Hepatitis B and C

Corinna Dan

As we observe both National Women's Health Week and Hepatitis Awareness Month, it is the opportune time to raise awareness about hepatitis B and hepatitis C among women. Chronic viral hepatitis affects 3.5–5.3 million Americans — including millions of women — and most are unaware of their infection. Left untreated, chronic hepatitis B and hepatitis C can lead to liver disease, liver cancer, and liver failure. Learn what steps every woman can take to avoid these dangerous outcomes.

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Woman looking at pregnancy test results

Understanding Infertility

Dr. Sheree Boulet

Have you known someone who had trouble having a baby? Have you had trouble yourself? Infertility is common and affects both women and men. About one in nine U.S. women 15 to 44 have difficulty getting pregnant or staying pregnant.

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Our Year in Review: Accomplishments in Women's Health

Kathleen Sebelius

Women's History Month reminds us to pay tribute to the generations of women who have contributed to the growth of our nation, in public and private life. As we celebrate Women's History Month and recognize the extraordinary achievements women have made throughout history, I'd also like to reflect on the accomplishments the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has made over the last year to improve the lives of women and girls

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Everyone Needs Vaccines!

Denise Joseph

Vaccines are very important for women — especially for pregnant women. Pregnancy changes your immune system, and during this time of year, you may become more vulnerable to the flu. A flu shot is the best protection against serious complications of the flu, like pneumonia.

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Your baby has you. You have Text4baby.

Happy 4th Birthday, Text4baby!

Dr. Sabrina Matoff-Stepp, Anna Kindermann, Dr. Juliette Kendrick, Yvonne Green

Text4baby is a free mobile health education service in the U.S. that provides pregnant women and mothers with an infant under age one with credible, evidence-informed health information. HHS has been involved in text4baby since the beginning, and today we're celebrating the program's fourth birthday.

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