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Caregiving Changed Me: One Daughter's Story

Carol D. O'Dell

Agreed denial. That was our little dance — my mother and me — when it came to her health concerns.

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An Interview About Living With Lupus: Gabrielle Davis

Gabrielle Davis found out she had lupus in 2009. She says her diagnosis turned her world upside down, and it took her a few years to feel like her pre-lupus self. Gabrielle talks about her diagnosis, how it changed the way she thinks about herself, and what she wants others to know about the disease.

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A Veteran and Military Spouse Shares Her Story

Dr. Nancy C. Lee

Tonya Willis, a veteran and military spouse, tells us about the challenges military families face and shares advice on finding support in your community.

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Surviving an Abusive Relationship: Kelly Vrooman

Kelly Vrooman was 15 when her boyfriend started hurting her. The abuse continued for about two years. Kelly talks about feeling ashamed, breaking the silence, and what you can do to help a friend.

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Feminism and My Path to Recovery

Isabella Higgins

I still remember the first time I felt "fat." I was in third grade.

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Stephanie Svec

An Interview About Supporting Nursing Moms at Work: Stephanie Svec

New moms have a lot on their minds. One thing they shouldn’t be worrying about is whether they’ll be able to continue breastfeeding when they go back to work. Thanks to the Break Time for Nursing Mothers law, many employers are required to provide nursing employees with time and a private space to pump at work.

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Remembering Rachel

Larry Minnix

When Rachel passed, the funeral had to be held at a bigger chapel than originally planned. The cards and letters were overwhelming.

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Lena Solow

Talking to Your Kids About Sex: Lena Solow

As a parent, what you say matters. Your children want guidance, especially on tricky topics like sex where they may get a lot of misinformation. You can play a powerful role in helping your kids make smart decisions. Of course, sex, sexuality, and relationships are not always easy to talk about, especially with your kids. That's why we're interviewing Lena Solow. She has been a sex educator for more than 10 years. Get her tips for talking about sex with kids and why she thinks it's so important.

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Chef LaLa

An Interview About Healthy Eating From a Professional Chef

Want to look and feel your best? Eating healthy can help. Eating healthy can also reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. For professional Chef LaLa, taking care of herself by eating well means she'll be around to take care of the people she loves. Plus, she knows that eating for health can still be delicious and flavorful. Here are her tips for making time in the kitchen more enjoyable and meals healthier.

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How ABC's Tory Johnson Became a Healthier Woman

Tory Johnson

It's been three years since the conversation that changed my life. My boss at ABC News told me I needed to "lose weight or lose my job."

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