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Finding Love on the Plate

Carla Hall

I gained 20 pounds. That experience taught me I needed to reinvent the way I approached food.

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An Interview About Surviving Sexual Assault: Lisa Gillespie

Pastor Lisa Gillespie was assaulted by a former classmate. After her attack, she says she tried to pretend the assault never happened, but she struggled with feelings of anger, fear, guilt, and shame. In her interview, Lisa discusses her healing process and offers advice to other survivors.

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HIV Is My Roommate

Marvelyn Brown

People LOVE to say, "Oh she is living with HIV." Correction: HIV is living with me.

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An Interview About Living With AIDS: Hydeia Broadbent

Hydeia Broadbent was born with HIV, but she wasn't diagnosed until she was 3. At the time, her prognosis was grim, since she had already developed AIDS. Her doctors didn't think she would live to the age of 6. Now 31, Hydeia has become a prominent HIV and AIDS activist, devoting her life to raising awareness and spreading prevention messages.

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Surviving a heart attack: An interview with news reporter Jennifer Donelan

Office on Women's Health Deputy Director Nicole Greene sat down with Jennifer Donelan in February to talk about women's heart health.

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A Red Selfie.

Respect My Red: My Movement to End Assault

Katie Koestner

I was told by my parents that red means "stop." A red light, a red stop sign — these red signs aren't a suggestion that we stop. They insist that we stop.

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An Expert Talks About Human Trafficking: Giovanna Hernandez Williams

Giovanna Hernandez Williams volunteers with victim support organizations to help them access resources. We spoke with Giovanna about her work and how everyone can get involved in this important fight.

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Caregiving Changed Me: One Daughter's Story

Carol D. O'Dell

Agreed denial. That was our little dance — my mother and me — when it came to her health concerns.

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An Interview About Living With Lupus: Gabrielle Davis

Gabrielle Davis found out she had lupus in 2009. She says her diagnosis turned her world upside down, and it took her a few years to feel like her pre-lupus self. Gabrielle talks about her diagnosis, how it changed the way she thinks about herself, and what she wants others to know about the disease.

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Tonya Willis and Sergeant Major Panapa R. Willis

A Veteran and Military Spouse Shares Her Story

Dr. Nancy C. Lee

Tonya Willis, a veteran and military spouse, tells us about the challenges military families face and shares advice on finding support in your community.

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