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  • Flu.gov – There is a lot to know about the flu. This website features information about seasonal and pandemic flu, such as how to avoid catching the virus and what to do if you do catch it.

People older than 65 are at high risk of influenza (the flu) and its complications, such as pneumonia. This also is true for people living in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities. A yearly flu vaccine can help protect you from the flu. Learn about what you can do to prevent the flu.

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  • Flu (Influenza) - This website provides information on the transmission, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the flu. It also discusses flu vaccines, including recommendations and side effects.
  • PandemicFlu.gov - This site is intended to provide information on pandemic and avian influenza for the general public, health and emergency preparedness professionals, policy makers, government and business leaders, school systems, and local communities.
  • Seasonal Influenza (Flu) - This website features up-to-date information on influenza (flu). It provides information on immunization, infection control, clinical description and diagnosis, and treatment.

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Content last updated: August 12, 2010.

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