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Many women are unpaid providers of long-term care in the United States. This is because most people who get ill and need help with daily living at home depend solely on friends and family. Nearly two-thirds of the caregivers of older adults are women — usually the wives or daughters of those who need support. These unpaid caregivers help with anything from grocery shopping and house-cleaning to dressing and using the toilet. They might also help handle financial issues and make medical decisions. More than half of informal caregivers will help out while also working at full-time or part-time jobs. This can make life very stressful. Increasingly, caregiving also can mean helping to raise grandchildren. Read on to learn more about caregiving.

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  • Caregiver Stress Fact Sheet — This fact sheet provides tips for relieving the stress of caregivers, as well as types of support that are available.

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Content last updated: February 09, 2015.

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