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OWH Strategic Plan (PDF, 327 KB)


All women and girls achieve the best possible health.

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The Office on Women's Health provides national leadership and coordination to improve the health of women and girls through policy, education and model programs.

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  • Inform and advance policies;
  • Educate the public;
  • Educate professionals;
  • Support model programs.

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OWH in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was established in 1991 to improve the health of American women by advancing and coordinating a comprehensive women's health agenda throughout HHS to address health care prevention and service delivery, research, public and health care professional education, and career advancement for women in the health professions and in scientific careers. OWH also works with numerous government agencies, non-profit organizations, consumer groups, and associations of health care professionals. During the early 1990's, OWH focused on developing women's health as a specialized issue for government action and attention. With women's health now firmly rooted in the national health landscape, OWH is focusing on women's health priorities to meet the sweeping demographic trends of the next century and to focus on the millions of underserved women in America.

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Content last updated: October 27, 2010.

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