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Collaborate with us

The Office on Women's Health works with organizations, associations, corporations, and health care professionals who are interested in women's health and share the goal of inspiring healthy behaviors.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with your organization to reach more people and spread the word about the importance of women's health. If your organization is interested in working with the Office on Women's Health, please contact Valerie Borden. Below are some examples of how we can collaborate.

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Publication insert

Do you have a newsletter or some other publication you use to promote your services? We encourage you to use our reader-friendly descriptions that promote womenshealth.gov, which you can cut and paste into your own products.

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Link to us

Add our logo, Web banners, or widgets to your website. It's easy to add us to blogs, resource sections, or highlight us as a special website for your readers.

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Featured interview on womenshealth.gov

The Spotlight on Women's Health program allows health professionals and patients alike to share their stories with thousands of women each month. Learn how you can participate.

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Featured interview on girlshealth.gov

The girlshealth.gov Spotlight features interviews with young people who have done motivating, unique, or inspirational things. You can nominate someone by contacting our marketing and outreach director.

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Reprint our materials

You can reprint our womenshealth.gov fact sheets and other publications and distribute them to anyone! They are copyright-free and cover a variety of topics. You can also reprint our girlshealth.gov fact sheets to help teach girls about specific topics. If your organization would like to reprint and distribute any of our hard-copy printed materials, such as our Your Guide to Breastfeeding or Teen Survival Guide, please contact us at womenshealth@hhs.gov.

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Campaigns and activities

Womenshealth.gov participates in a variety of special events and programs throughout the year. We also exhibit our materials and reach out to the public at national conferences all over the country.

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Promote breastfeeding

Encourage breastfeeding by promoting our online breastfeeding information. You can promote breastfeeding at work using the Business Case for Breastfeeding.

Content last updated: April 13, 2012.

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