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Smoking and How To Quit

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Community stories

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Community stories

Please note: Posted stories do not necessarily represent the views of womenshealth.gov. Please view our comment policy.

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Andrea from MI (US)
April 10, 2012 10:10 AM
Hello, my name is Andrea. I decided to quit smoking on Easter Sunday this year! I have been wanting to quit for quite a while. I realized that it was finally time. I realized how unattractive it is, how much money I could save to go on vacation, and most importantly, I realized how much my body would appreciate it. I want to live a life, travel, start a family and be happy. I don't want to live on an oxygen tank like my grandmother did until the day she died. I want to be beautiful from the inside, out. I love myself and I want to be able to love someone else as well, with all of my strength and energy. In order to do that I have to be healthy. I started smoking when I was 17 and in college, I am 32 as of today. This is day 3 being cigarette free. I feel more empowered and stronger than ever. This is just one step toward greatness. Thank you for your time!
Martha from IL (US)
April 06, 2012 19:17 PM
I quit on April 1, so far so good. I have quit several times in the past, but this time I am going to do it. After smoking all day about a pack and a half, I would walk up the stairs at night to go to bed and my heart would pound so hard and fast. Well that has been scaring me for awhile so I decided to quit this time for good. I am 58 years old and started smoking at 15. I talk to my dad alot, he passed away 5 years ago and I know how happy he is that I am quitting...my kids, my family, everybody is supportive. I am doing this for real this time. NO MORE CIGARETTES FOR ME EVER!!!
Dee from PA (US)
March 02, 2012 09:56 AM
I quit smoking on November 28, 2011 its been 95 day and I am just now starting to feel like a new person. I started smoking at the age of 15 and I am 49 now so that is 34 years, but they dont tell you the things that happen to you after you quit, like chronic sinus problems that last about 3 weeks leg problems chest pains among other things. But it is all worth it because every time I smoked I was damaging my body so it will take time to get back to normal, and the funny thing is I don't remember not smoking so this is a new experience for me. My mother died of lung cancer at the age of 68 and my father has copd chf and a host of other things from years of smoking amd I feel that if I quit smoking now I will be able to enjoy life ,and not be tied to a disgusting habit that I used to call my best friend. For now I go through every day with the urge to light up but it passes and I get to the next day so someday when I become a grandparent my grandkids will never see me smoke!
zenith from TX (US)
January 17, 2012 04:19 AM
i picked up cigarettes again after my husband died a year ago to help deal with the grief at night........and i just saw some very graphic images from australia on youtube of mouth cancer, etc, and it scared me. i also read an article that said that just one cigarette can cause a heart attack, and cigarettes affect every organ in the body. One-third of all hospital patients are there because of cigarettes. what a nightmare!

i love myself too much to continue hurting my precious body this way and risking losing the quality of life i have. it is time to start listing all of the things i am grateful for instead of mourning what i have lost. life is for the living. and that is ME!!
Lisa from WY (US)
January 15, 2012 16:07 PM
Today is day 14 without a cigarette. I have been smoking for 33 years and lately, I have noticed more headaches, gasping for breath at night and terrible coughing. Something inside me told me it was time to quit. I have tried to quit before but failed because I would have that one cigarette after a period of days, thus setting me back to square one. This time, no matter what, I will not have that one cigarette! I have had the help of 7mg patches and nicotine gum. I will soon run out of patches and then I will do the gum, slowly weaning down to 2mg. I feel great! All I can say is hang in there, it gets easier and it can be done!
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