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Patient education

Handouts to print out for your patients and other resources

A website for your patients

Heart diagrams

CHD overview

Risk factors

Heart attack signs

High blood pressure


Hormone therapy

Weight loss tips

Dietary change

Exercise and behavioral change



Pregnancy and preeclampsia

Related health problems

Spanish language materials

Organizations and online resources

  • National Heart Lung and Blood Institute – Medical alerts, professional and general health related information, and research and training information for investigators and students, as well as information on The Heart Truth Campaign.
  • Heart Truth E-Zine – Subscribe to The Heart Truth E-Zine, NHLBI's quarterly electronic publication for the public that provides new information about heart disease research, upcoming events, heart healthy recipes, and campaign news.
  • American Diabetes Association – Provides information about nutrition, exercise, prevention, research, advocacy, and community programs. (English and Spanish)
  • American Heart Association – Provides information about heart disease and stroke in women.
  • National Women's Health Resource Center – What is heart and cardiovascular disease? Do women really need to worry about heart and cardiovascular disease?
  • The American Legacy Foundation - Join the Circle – The leading cause of preventable death in American women is tobacco-related disease. Support mothers, daughters, sisters, wives and girlfriends trying to quit smoking.
  • FamilyDoctor.org – Information for women about heart disease and heart attacks from the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  • MayoClinic.com – Women have historically lagged behind men in heart disease prevention and awareness - but not in deaths. See how the tide is turning, and what you can do to protect your own heart health.
  • WebMD – WebMD provides valuable health information, tools for managing your health, and support to those who seek information.
  • Women's Heart Foundation – Provides information on women's heart disease and wellness information, gender-specific care and interventions for women with heart disease.
  • Heart health and stroke – Information on heart disease and stroke from womenshealth.gov.

Content last updated: April 1, 2008.

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