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The experience of breastfeeding is special for so many reasons – the joyful bonding with your baby, the cost savings, and the health benefits for both mother and baby. Read on for tips and suggestions to help you successfully breastfeed.



Why breastfeeding is important


Finding support and information

Learning to breastfeed

Common breastfeeding challenges

Breastfeeding in public

  • Laws protecting you
  • Tips for breastfeeding in public
  • Responding to criticism

Pumping and milk storage

  • Ways to express your milk (hand expression and pumping)
  • Storage of breast milk
  • Tips for freezing milk

Going back to work

Breastfeeding and everyday life

Government in action on breastfeeding

Share your story

Alison from Indiana says...

My daughter is almost 13 months old and is still nursing. My goal was to breastfeed until she turned 1 year, but we'll probably continue until at least 18 months. My daughter has always nursed very ... (more)

Read all the stories or share your own.


  • Spotlight on Women's Health – An Interview With a Nursing Mom
  • The Affordable Care Act – Breastfeeding mothers and their children have more protections and options.
  • Your Guide to Breastfeeding – This free publication provides information and encouragement to women about breastfeeding.
  • Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding – The Call to Action (PDF, 931 KB) describes specific steps people can take to participate in a society-wide approach to support mothers and babies who are breastfeeding.

Content last updated: June 20, 2014.

Resources last updated: June 20, 2014.

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