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Train-the-trainer program checklist

Before the training

checkboxPromote your BodyWorks train-the-trainer session and begin to recruit potential trainers.
checkboxCheck out the trainer resources including recruitment and promotion materials.
checkboxAudio/Visual needs: laptop for BodyWorks presentation, TV/DVD player to play Let's Shop, Cook, and Eat Together DVD
checkboxEmail reminder to participants two days before training
checkboxOrder toolkits.
checkboxPrint Train-the-Trainer & Parent and Caregiver training manuals and make PowerPoint CDs
checkboxOrder food and beverages (healthy breakfast, afternoon snack, water, coffee, and tea)
checkboxCreate nametags and tent cards
checkboxProvide paper and pens for participants
checkboxProvide flip board/chart for writing

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The day of training

checkboxProvide participants with the BodyWorks website (/bodyworks) and point them to:
  • Recruitment materials
  • Toolkit ordering instructions
  • Listserv instructions
  • BodyWorks contact information
checkboxAsk participants to fill out kit cards. Collect and send back to:

Hager Sharp
Attn: BodyWorks
1030 15th Street, NW, Suite 600E
Washington, DC 20005

Please include: Date of training, type of training (parent/caregiver or train-the-trainer) location of training, and name of trainer.

Content last updated: August 01, 2012.

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