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Region I women's health agenda

To address these health concerns, Region 1 has established a regional women's health agenda. The women's health priorities for Region I are:

  • To act in an advisory capacity with representatives from each state public health entity and key regional federal program staff
  • To promote awareness and appropriate responses to the impact of domestic violence in the workplace
  • To promote reduction of breast and cervical cancer mortality in the Region by diagnosing breast and cervical cancer at earlier stages
  • To co-facilitate the NECON (New England Conference on Health Promotion and Disease Prevention) Task Force on Women's Health and promote implementation of the Task Force recommendations.
  • To increase awareness and region-wide prevention activities on cardiovascular disease in women through a Region I Summit
  • To promote reduction of HIV transmission to women and advocate for appropriate prevention and treatment strategies.

Content last updated: July 01, 2005.

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